Solarforce K3 Head

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For use with Solarforce flashlight hosts.

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The Solarforce K3 head uses the revolutionarily high-power-output and long-lasting white CREE MT-G2 LED, which is significantly brighter than those being used by the other flashlights in the general market. Over 90% of the white light emitted from the LED is smoothly focused by a precisely-engineered aluminum-alloy reflector with its orange-peel-like reflective surface, producing an even and powerful beam suitable for illuminating middle to long range of distance. Maximum output of 1500 lumens. 

Compatible with the following Solarforce hosts:

L2, L2M, L2N, L2T, L2P, L2T (special edition), L2C, L2B, L2E, L2D, P1, P1D & Gladiator.

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