Solarforce L2C Flashlight Host

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For use with Solarforce LED Drop-in modules.

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The Solarforce L2C flashlight host consists of a head assembly, battery tube & tail cap - LED modules & batteries are not included.

The L2C is mainly constructed from CNC machine alloy in Mil-spec type III hard anodized finish, which helps strengthen the anti-wearing & anti-corrosion features of the host.

For use with the L2C:

LED head: M3M3s & K3
Tactical Bezel Ring: L2-B3L2-B4L2-B5 & L2-B6
Filter: L2-CF (RGBY colours), L2-CFR (red) & L2-IRF (infra-red)
Lantern Host and Wand Host, provide portable wide-angle illumination for outdoor camping and general use:LT-1 & L2-DW
Pocket / Belt Clip: L2-PC2
Tail-cap Switch (tactical, forward click, ready-to-stand-on-tail and pressure tape switches): L2-S6L2-S8L2-S10L2-S11L2-S12L2-S13PTS-2 & PTS-3
Extension Tube, for multiple battery configuration: L2-ECR (CR123A / 16340) & L2-E18 (18650)
Nylon Holster: FH-1FH-8 & FH-9
Lanyard Ring:L2-LR1
Flashlight Mount: M-001M-013M-014 & M-015
Tripod connector: SC-1
Battery Charger: SF-16 (16340), SF-18c (18650)
Batteries: CR123A (primary lithium battery), S16340-PS18650-P & S18650P(V4) (rechargeable li-ion battery)

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