Sportac Dual Output P60 Drop In : 3 x XP-G2

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Maximum output of 925 lumens.

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Sportac Dual Output P60 Drop-in Module with Triple Cre XP-G2 S2 LEDs.

Brightness Levels:

High = 925 ANSI FL-1 lumen, runtime 1.6 hrs (1x18650) or 0.8 hrs (2xCR123) - energy saving feature:lumens drop by 10% after 200 seconds

Low (20%) = 185 ANSI FL-1 lumens, runtime 10 hrs (1x18650) or 6 hrs (2xCR123)

Beam distance 141 yards, spot angle 18 degrees, spill angle 90 degrees.

Please note: Voltage range of 2.7V to 6.0V - Do not use RCR123 / 16340 cells!

Insert drop-in to your SF host, or install it with supplied spacer when installing to a 18650 body host.

It's normal to leave a small gap between the head and body as the drop-in is heatsink directly with the body.

To toggle brightness levels, simply switch the flashlight off and on after turning the flashlight on.

The micro-processor in the circuitry memorises the last output you have turned on for more than one second.

Fits the following SF Hosts: 6P, 9P, 6Z, C2, C3, M2, G3, G2.

All brass construction for maximum heatsink capabilities. The unique design allows the dropin to be directly in touch with the flashlight body for quick heat transfer, thus allowing LED to be driven harder and brighter. Featuring state-of-art C3000 LED driver and latest LED technology.

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